Rolling bearing services

We support our customers relating roller bearing technology.


Damage analysis

As specialists for high-speed rolling bearings, we analyze defective rolling bearings with the utmost precision, examine lubricants and detect contamination. This enables detailed conclusions to be made on the cause of damage and the appropriate remedial measures.

Cleaning and grease replacement

Do you want to use special greases for your spindle bearings?
We professionally degrease your bearings and clean them in our spindle bearing washing machines, which were developed especially for this purpose. In a second step, the bearings are provided with your desired grease according to the type and the dosage calculated exactly for the application.

Training courses for bearing calculation

Together with our partner, MESYS AG, we have made it our business to provide our customers with the best advice and support. This support includes comprehensive training courses which are held up to twice a year and which impart important information on application-related topics and provide precise operating instructions for the MESYS calculation software.
Since our training courses are not tied to a specific location, they can also be held directly at your company premises. In this way, we can address individual questions on site and jointly consolidate the knowledge gained.

Fitting products

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