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Changing the perspective, expanding the horizon. Calculations, developments, designs and layouting of rolling bearing-based systems: We develop customized solutions for you.


Bearing calculation

As a development partner of MESYS AG and due to our excellent knowledge in the field of rolling bearing technology, especially for high-precision high-speed applications, we have one of the world's leading calculation tools for rolling bearing arrangements at our disposal.
This enables us to carry out optimum bearing selection and calculation for our customers and to cover other areas, such as the design of centrifugal force-dependent fits of the bearing seats or the selection of the best possible lubrication.
In this way, we can optimize each bearing arrangement individually and provide precise recommendations with regard to speed-dependent load limits and rigidities.

Test rig simulation

In order to obtain accurate and meaningful information about the functioning of systems, we carry out dynamic simulations of individual components, for example of spindles, electric motors, support bearings or complete systems.
Due to our unique and direct linking of step files with components of the rolling bearing calculations, nonlinear rolling bearing rigidities are carried along over the entire speed range of the calculation.

Construction of bearing-supported systems

Are you interested in selling rolling bearing-supported systems such as electric motors or spindles, but could use some help in the practical and often complicated implementation? We will be happy to advise you and support you from the beginning to the first prototype construction with our know-how and modern CAD systems. Tell us about your idea.

Fitting products

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