System accessories

When integrating our spindles and motors into your systems, we support you all along the line and are at your side with proven or specially developed accessories.


Grease lubrication units

Standardized lubrication systems are often too big and take up too much space for most milling heads. Therefore, we developed a mini grease lubrication unit that is suitable for small bearings and limited space.

Oil-air lubrication units

Systems working at the highest speeds require a functioning oil-air lubrication system. This is optimally put together by us together with air treatment and extraction with the associated aftertreatment.

Water│oil cooling units

To ensure that machines constantly run under ideal conditions, they need cooling units that are designed to meet the respective requirements. We assemble units that are adapted to your individual specifications with regard to monitoring coolant flows, temperatures and volume flows.
For machines with oil and water cooling, such as our RigBe, we offer a unit that enables the individual conditioning of both media in one unit.

Fitting products

Fitting Services

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