Our Services

We open up a series of interesting perspectives

and make them utilizable for our clients – beyond the traditional way of thinking.

The range of our services includes calculations, technical developments and designs for rolling element bearing-based systems.


Calculating, developing and design

  • Fast turning spindle and bearing systems
  • Electrical motors
  • Support bearings
  • Test benches


Service rolling element bearings

  • Design of rolling element bearings
  • Diagnostic analysis of failures in rolling element bearings
  • Greasing of rolling element bearings
  • Upgrading and reconstruction of rolling element bearings



The main project of our repair service refers to the restoration of:

  • Motor spindle units
  • Belt-driven spindle units
  • Coupled spindles
  • Electrical motors

We bring up the projects which are entrusted to us to a technical up-to-date system with an appearance as good as new.
For all repairs we do only use original parts.

„Quality is a matter of course“